Jefferson City, MO – (573) 635-3154
Eldon, MO – (573) 392-6903
Mexico, MO – (573) 581-2277

Exterior Sign

Why Choose Fischer?

Dear Unlucky Driver,

It’s a fact: sometimes bad things happen to good drivers.

We’ve been fixing big problems…and cars too, for the good people of Jefferson City, Eldon, and Mexico Missouri since 1979.

For many years, our slogan has been “Fixing big problems… and cars, too.”
Not sure we should say that right now. Not sure it’s right in light of our first responders and what they did in the darkness last night here in Jefferson City.
And by first responders, we don’t mean just fire, police, EMT… though, of course, we have no words to honor the courage they demonstrate running toward trouble…
But all of us: parents trying to find the right words to soothe young hearts, ministers praying for strength and peace, and neighbors helping neighbors like one big family.
That’s something we know about, and as we mend and tend to this city and our souls, we can only do it together as a family. 
We love you all.
Curt, Chase, and Devin Fischer
Fischer Body Shop